For Players

Elite Athletes make considerable sacrifices in pursuit of their goals.

Part of our mandate is to support the well-being of athletes and provide a network to ensure that the move into their post sporting careers is a positive experience.

We work hand in hand with player bodies and sporting organisations to ensure that the correct support framework is in place now and into the future.

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The process is more than just gaining an education or qualifications. As with a sporting career, a professional occupation is a mix of many facets, consideration should be given to networks, existing skill sets, qualifications and personality, to identify the best path for each individual.

We will help to identify these strengths and have a network in place to support you every step of the way. Along with our internal coaches, we have partnered with a number of luminaries across a range of business sectors – people that will help coach you through the transition and offer real life experience.

The sporting Co has been developed to compliment the needs of businesses and athletes. We meet these needs through a number of major service lines:

  • Player placement for retired athletes – assisting with employment opportunities
  • Work experience – part time placements in business for existing athletes still committed to sport
  • Psychometric assessment – utilising proven science to help understand personality within the context of business
  • Training and development pathways – working with experienced Coaches, Training Bodies and Institutions to deliver tailored training.
  • Coaching and events – we facilitate speaking and motivational events. We will work with athletes to build confidence and effectively engage with an audience.